Drivek Website


DriveK is a B2C automotive platform that helps users to find the best car for their needs. 

The Process

At Drivek, I started by collaborating with a UX designer to redesign the existing interface and integrate new features. Over time I gained more ownership of the project by starting to work on both the UX and UI; each change was validated by quantitative and qualitative data. 

The projects I worked on were:

  • Restyling the homepage
  • integration of the car comparator
  • landing pages for long-term rentals
  • Vehicle listing page
  • Design System refinement
DriveK homepage
DriveK homepage
Homepage update
Youtube landing pages
Youtube landing pages
Landing pages for users requesting a quote via Drivek's Youtube channel
Rental landing page
Rental landing page
Lading page for requesting long-term rental quotes
DriveK compare
DriveK compare
Integration of the car comparator. The user, through this feature, is able to compare the features and offers of two or more vehicles.

Selected Works

Marketing DashboardDigital Products

Restaurant POS redesignDigital Products

StockSparK Mobile AppDigital Products

Citroen C5 AircrossDigital Products



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