In the realm of digital banking, the journey is as crucial as the destination. It's not just about transactions; it's about building trust from the very first interaction. With this philosophy, I embarked on the Smartbank initiative, aiming to redefine the digital banking landscape.




UX research
UI Design
Design System

Marketing banners


01 Research, the beginning of the journey

The first step was immersing myself in the digital banking world. I studied both giants like Wise, N26, and Revolut, and gleaned insights from indirect players like Airbnb and Spotify. This holistic approach allowed me to understand the broader digital landscape, not just banking.

During this phase, I also established proto personas, which helped in understanding potential user needs, behaviors, and pain points. This was instrumental in guiding the subsequent design phases.

02 Design, shaping the experience

Transitioning from research to design, I envisioned an interface that was both intuitive and visually compelling. I adopted a modern aesthetic, with a dominant shade of trust-evoking blue, complemented by minimalist design elements. Every design choice, from typography to transitions, was made keeping the user's comfort and clarity in mind.

Incorporating feedback from the proto personas, I also developed wireflows to ensure that the user's journey through the app was logical, seamless, and efficient.


Quick look at the wireframes


03 Deliverables

The culmination of this project saw the creation of detailed designs for key pages, including the homepage, profile, and transaction interfaces. An accompanying design system ensured consistency, detailing typography, color schemes, and UI components. The final presentation wasn't just a static pdf; it was brought to life with animations, showcasing the app's dynamic capabilities, and complemented by marketing banners to capture the essence of Smartbank.

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