Redefining the Theater Ticketing Experience

The theater-going experience begins long before the curtain rises—it starts with the ticket purchase. Recognizing a gap in the market for an intuitive and user-friendly theater ticketing platform, I embarked on the LiveFlix project. My mission? To craft a marketplace that not only simplifies the ticket purchasing process but also delights theater enthusiasts at every step.


B2C Marketplace


UX research
UI Design
Design System

Marketing banners


01 Research, the beginning of the journey

My journey began with a deep dive into the world of our users— the theater enthusiasts.
I drew inspiration from both direct competitors such as Ticketmaster, Ticketone,, and Eventbrite, and indirect ones like Airbnb, Booking, Momondo, and Netflix. I aimed to incorporate the common patterns used by these websites, even if they don't all belong to the same industry, in order to create an effective and enjoyable user experience.

 In this case, to speed up the process of delivery (3 days) i decided to test the design only after the design phase, through a quick usability test.

02 Design, shaping the experience

I then transitioned into the design phase, where I adopted a clean and modern aesthetic to match the sophistication of our users. With a broad color palette and clear, readable typography, I aimed to create an interface that was both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. A design system based on nested components was implemented for efficient organization and effortless maintenance, ensuring our platform would be scalable for future growth.

To test the validity and effectiveness of my designs, I developed wireframes and interactive prototypes. This iterative process allowed me to refine the interaction flow and page structure, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

The path to creating LiveFlix was not without its hurdles. Balancing aesthetic appeal with functional simplicity proved to be a challenging task. However, by continually referring back to my user research and staying adaptable, I was able to create a design that married beauty with usability.


A glimpse
of the design system


03 Deliverables

As mentioned earlier, the files delivered at the end of the project were the designs of the home page, listing, detail page, and checkout, plus a beginning design system, with specifics on typography, colors, atoms, molecules, and organisms. Everything was presented as a pdf with also attached an animation done in Lottie and After effects and marketing banners.


days to deliver


direct and interect
competitors analyzed


to the usability test

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