Loan landing page redesign for

I was tasked with redesigning the landing page for a company specializing in loans, which mainly receives traffic through paid advertising channels (SEM and Facebook CPC). The main objectives of the project were to increase the CTR, encourage more logged-in users to start the conversion funnel, identify areas for improvement, and create a modern, visually appealing design that focuses on conversion.

To begin, I conducted a heuristic analysis of the existing mobile landing page, identifying any usability issues and areas for enhancement. Based on the analysis and the client's data insights, I designed a high-fidelity prototype for an alternative landing page, justifying the design choices made throughout the process.

Additionally, I created a UI Kit to be used for the prototype, ensuring a consistent visual language and facilitating future design updates. 

By incorporating user-centered design principles and focusing on a modern, visually appealing design, the redesigned landing page aimed to optimize conversion rates and create a more engaging user experience




UX research
UI Design

UI Kit

Heuristic analysis of the old version of the landing page
Heuristic analysis of the old version of the landing page
Test results
Test results
Test results – open comments
UI Kit – Text Fields
Landing page
Landing page

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